About Me

I grew up in an area nearly devoid of any other children so it was no surprise that I turned to video games to fill my time. Any other spare time was left to tinkering, creating, writing, and building. I have always been of the mindset that if you don't create something then your are not living.

The Name
The name Gun Asylem comes from a 150+ page story I wrote back in middle school. All of the characters were based on family and friends. The main character was a genetically enhanced child who was raised solely to be The Perfect Weapon. I gave him the name Gun because at the time I was building a Gundam model and the title of the instructions booklet was covered except for Gun, and it hit me that this was the perfect name for a perfect weapon. Asylem has a bit of a more complicated story. But basically I liked the name but didn't like the way it was spelled. So I swapped the U with an E and the rest is History. Been using it Ever Since.

The Gamer
I've played lots of games in my time, but there are a few that stand out as being milestones. 

  • Starsiege: Tribes Demo: First Online Multiplayer Game. 
  • Halo: Fell in love with it before it ever hit Xbox. The one game I Always Buy.
  • Socom: Played it with my cousin online for years.
  • Everquest Online Adventures: First MMO and on a PS2.
  • Unreal Tournament Goty: First Game I ever Modded.
  • Final Fantasy 7: First FF Game. 
  • Resident Evil Outbreak: It shaped my multiplayer experience requirements.

The Designer
I first got into game design in 2005 just before graduating High School. I made a few flash games but then I worked in the Unreal Engine (UTGoty) making a stand alone single player mod based in the unreal universe. After about a year of working on it I was about 45% done when my harddrive crashed causing me to lose all of my Data. After that I took a break from hardcore designing and just occasionally made flash games whenever the whim took me.

Now, 2013, I've gotten back into the role and am using the Unity Engine. I'ts been a blast learning and I am looking forward to making fun and intriguing games.

The Youtuber
Back in 2006 I began to follow this group who made Lets Play style videos. This was not youtube, this was just a couple guys sitting in a room playing these games and capturing the footage with expensive equipment then uploading it to their home server. I started participating on their forums and soon became acquaintances with some fellow viewers. One day I get a message from a Strongbadman47 asking if I wanted to do a Lets Play of Doom for the anniversary. So I said Yes. And that is how the Epic Pwnage In Color Lets Plays Started. E.P.I.C youtube/ website

I have also kept some more personal things on my own youtube channel

as well as have been in the process of trying to create a new one with my friend.