About Game

As any good gamer will tell you, Asteroids is fun. I used a little help with a tutorial for the basic design for the asteroids themselves.

Then I added an energy gauge to act as your life gauge. Every time you get hit or shoot your energy depletes a little. It will recharge slowly but if you are hit while it is at zero, you die.

Unlike traditional asteroids where the camera is stationary and you move in a single screen, I attached the camera to the ship and made the world repeating. So as you pass the farthest right side of the level you teleport to the left seamlessly.

Finally I added a mini Radar to track the locations of the asteroids.

It was almost done, just needed to create a system to increase and track the level progression and difficulty. and add enemy ships to attack you.

Asteroids x

(2015) (Unity) (unfinished)