Custom TV Mount

(2017) (Other) (Finished)

About Project

The wall mount I bought won't work the way I need it to because of the window so I have to do some crafting. I have been reluctant to Screw anything into my Dresser because it is a really nice dresser that my dad gave me. But...... 
So I started by taking some measurements and figuring out how I needed to align the mount. Next I got some boards from the shed and measured them up on the back. I needed to raise up the boards a bit so I took an extra board, Turned it on its side and cut it to the width of the dresser. Then I screwed that onto the bottom of the back of the dresser to hold up the other two boards and provide some vertical strength. Then I screwed the two vertical boards on. Finally I mounted the TV and Pushed it back where it goes and adjusted the Horizontal Slide so I could turn the tv 90degrees. I plan on covering up the boards with some Wood Grain stickons. (I did remove the Base off the TV after I took the picture.