The Beginning

This project started back in 2005 after discovered single player mods that were playable in UT99. At the time I had an amazing story in mind with a fantastic Plot twist. So I started working and leaning to make things in unreal editor and after I had a bit of work done I began posting to to keep track of my project and get feedback and help.

The End

Nearing the end of 2006 my pc's harddrive crashed and I lost most of the work I had put into the project. This fallback lead me to getting a new job to earn enough money to purchase a new computer and an Xbox 360 which lead me to where I am today. Someday I plan to go back and Re-Use my original Story (although maybe not in Unreal) but when I do, I want it to be one of my best games I create.

The Story

The game revolves around a character named Jack D. Colt, a soldier in the human military. Both of his parents where High-Ranking officers and were killed by an alien attack. The story revolves around Jack as he is sent on a special mission to conceal a secret project which leads him to discover the truth about his parents deaths. (I don't want to reaveal the twist as I still plan to use it)

The Design

The game was to be a first person shooter based on the Unreal/Ut99 engine and used similar weapons and abilities. I had intended to use a selection of various mods from the community as well as several already made maps. As I like to dream, I created a manual and disc cover that I planned to use for my own personal copies of the game.

Final Retribution

(2005) (UnrealEd) (unfinished)