Kedi x

(2010) (FlashMX) (unfinished)

About Game

If you ever watched some our E.P.I.C. Lets Plays you would know who Kedi is. If not, well, he's a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.

Anyways, at the time I had played a flash game on newgrounds (can't remember the title) but it's gameplay is similar to the newer game Always Sometimes Monsters. Basically you walk around, interact with NPCs, take quests, find items, and just complete the story.

It was going to be filled with 4th wall broken tropes and memes from other genres and games. The overall Idea of the game was that you played as Kedi, who one day woke up and found that his collection of music had been stolen (Kedi loves his music). Now you have to go out and recollect your music to recreate your epic catalog on your Ipod.

As you would progress and collect new music you could then listen to this music in your Ipod. 

It's another one of those games i slowly moves away from as other projects caught my attention.