Kids Games

(2012) (FlashMX) (Finished)

About Game

This is a collection of games I created for my nieces and nephews (ages 2-8 at the time) so they had something fun and educational to play. It was also fun to make.

It contained a number of minigames including...

Money: shows a collection of coins and you have to find the sum.

Math: a chalkboard with an addition or subtraction equation on it

Cooking: a recipe list, have to find and throw ingredients into the bowl

Difference: spot the difference in almost identical pictures.

Flash Smash: its simon. smash the colors in order.

DressUp: dress a character.

HangMan: its hangman...

Matching: match images with words.

Puzzle: like a jigsaw puzzle but squares. drag and drop. Although i finished the project, i forgot to take out the Numbers on the puzzles that i was using to test.

WeightScale: add weights to balance the scale.

Time: figure out the time based on a variety of methods.

HiddenPicture: i used images from highlights books and made them clickable.

Matching Game: find doubles of images from a variety of shows.