Scary Coop Game

(2015) (Unity) (unfinished)

About Game

Have you ever played Five Nights at Freddy's, Slender, Soma, or Outlast?

If you have, then you know that each of these games are considered Scary/Horror games. But, they are completely different in the way the give you their scares.

You're sitting in a single room avoiding monsters, you're searching woods looking for scraps of paper avoiding a single monster, you're exploring an inescapable underwater facility uncovering the truth about yourself and the happenings around you, you are trapped in an asylum hunting down the truth of what happened.

Now each of these are different experiences but the one thing they have in common is, You are doing it alone. I spend a lot of time watching youtube videos and some of these videos are of scary games. One of my favorite scary game groups is the Scary Game Squad. A group of guys watching as one of them plays a scary game.

So as my mind works, i started to fabricate a new game by combining all of these things with my Favorite type of game in the world...... COOP.

The game is a cooperative experience where each player plays a different character in a different situation. While one character is exploring the mansion/asylum/base the other is trapped in a security office. while one is trying to avoid monsters and ghosts the other is watching him through security cameras and guiding him with a map all the while trying to avoid monsters of his own.

I am dead-set to finish this game at some point in the future. The only reason I stopped is because I hit a point where I was getting bored with the tedium of doing the job alone. I completed the main story aspects, i mapped out the open world-ish environment, and setup the system for the security room stuff. All that is left to do is, texture and populate the level, and build the characters and monsters and their AI behaviors.