I got Into Second Life around 2009 and got into building things in it and even tried my hand at making money.

The way second life worked was you could buy things with in game currency called Lindens. And you could sell in game items that you create or trade for these Lindens. Then you can convert these to Real Money. I think the conversion was 250L to 1.00 USD. It fluctuated a little.

I started by going to in game classes taught by a real life teacher. After a few classes I started making my own Gear for my character. The next step was to get some lindens. So i found a place that let you fill out surveys for Lindens. After i got a handful of Lindens I found a small piece of property (about 6 x 6 foot) and setup a shop.

I sold

  • armors and clothes,
  • Skins and tattoos,
  • House Prefabs,
  • Particle Prefabs,
  • Board Games like sorry and chess,
  • combat skills like invisibility and energy blasts,
  • dance connectors,
  • utilities like parcel calculators,
  • and mini games like tetris and tomagachi

I never made a lot of money, less than 100 total.

One of my favorite projects was the Tomagachi clone i created.

It sat on your screen and you had to take care of it. It poops, gets dirty, gets older, and requires feeding.

I was working on a way to battle them before i moved away from the game.

Second Life Stuff

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