​​About Game

After a podcast with the E.P.I.C. crew we were discussing the movie The Naked Mile. And it lead me to create this..

The basic concept is that you must make your way down the road avoiding hitting other people, if you hit a guy, your gay meter goes up, if you hit a gal, your happy meter goes up, (get it, Gay/Happy). Either of these meters reaching the top is Bad.

If you make it to the end you are giving a bit of a reward.

The game does include nudity and sexual content (anime/cartoonish)

(BTW, if you find my usage of the word gay offensive. Then you are clearly a narrow minded individual who can not see past social idealism and spends too much time trying to categorize yourself and others into small and misidentified classes. Please allow yourself to grow up and realize that you are an individual who in turn can join a collective of other individuals to make this world a better place by dropping all ridicule and negative connotations to words and phrases and taking them at face value to convey the definition the speaker/writer intended. In this case I am using the word gay to mean, touching another guy, and as the player is playing a heterosexual character, that is a bad thing. I had intended to add a female and bisexual character whose stats would be reversed and/adjusted but didn't have anyone in our group to base them on as our primary crew was all straight men.

if you read this, then thank you for taking the time to try and understand my Individual viewpoints. If you have questions feel free to google them. The world is full of individuals like you and me, and it is our duty to engage with these people to better extend our ability to engage with people looking for us.

The greatest way a human can fall is by Jumping:: 

whether it be off a Cliff, or to Conclusions)

Semi Naked Mile

(2008) (FlashMX) (Finished)