Zelda Keys

(2016) (Other) (Finished)

About Project

I saw this in a video and wanted my own. So I decided to make it.

I first took a ride down to Pat Catan's to see what I could find.

Shopping List:

  • Wooden Plaque,
  • Gold Hooks,
  • Can of Dark Brown Spray Paint
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Small Brush

The plaque was a very light color so i started by Spray Painting it Darker.

Next, I printed out the Image I wanted and Cut it out.

I Applied some Glue onto the wood and smeared it in with the brush.

I carefully placed the paper onto the wood and held it in place with some weights.

When everything was done, I screwed in my Hooks.

I still want to Put something in the black empty space if i can find something.